Tournament COVID Safety Protocols


All participants must wear surgical masks or N95/ KN95/ KF94 respirators while indoors, except as specified below. Cloth masks are not sufficient.

Speech tournament competitors may take off their masks while performing. Judges must sit as far away from unmasked performers as the layout of the competition room allows.

A judge may not penalize competitors for choosing to wear a mask while performing or for leaving the competition room after their speech.

Participants may briefly lower their masks to drink water.

If weather conditions do not allow participants to eat outside, the TD may designate indoor locations or team squad rooms where participants may take off their masks in order to eat.

Judge Room

The judge room will be used for coaches and judges to check-in, grab refreshments and ask questions.

Judges will not be required to stay in the judging room, except for judges on stand-by. 

Stand-by judges should report to the judging room for the first 15-20 minutes of the round in case they are needed.

Extemp Prep

Extemp prep will be held in a large room, and students will stagger their time in the prep room based on their draw time.

The Extemp Prep Director will have the ability to dictate how students are staggered in the room.

Rather than draw from an envelope, each student will be given 3 unique topics to choose from

Parli Prep

Parli prep will not have a designated prep room. Topics will be announced online and posted for competitors. Students can prep outside or in any open space.

Parli topics will be announced here:

They will also be printed out and taped to a wall outside the tab room.

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies will be held outside.

CFL will reserve the right to not hold an awards ceremony should we be unable to do so in a safe manner.  In that case, coaches will be instructed to pick up awards for their students in the tab room at the end of the tournament

Wellness Check

Each participant must complete the self-assessment below in the morning of each day of the tournament.

If the participant answers YES to any of the questions below, they must stay home and not attend the tournament.


During the tournament, CFL will provide:

Host School Recommendations

The host school should request the district to keep ventilation/AC on during tournament days.

The host school should check ahead of time whether windows in the competition rooms can be opened. If yes, then in the morning of the tournament, host school volunteers should open all windows. After the end of the last round, all windows should be closed.

The host school should inquire ahead of time whether it can get access to the school's PA system. If yes, the PA system should be used instead of making announcements to large crowds.

The host school is encouraged to provide individually wrapped or served food and discourage self-serve food. Volunteers serving food are encouraged to wear gloves and masks.