Safety Forms

Each tournament participant (competitor, judge, chaperon, or observer) must submit a COVID Safety Form.

In case of a minor, their parent/guardian must submit a (different) COVID Safety Form on their behalf.

The form will be used to verify that the participant is either fully vaccinated (2 doses + booster) or has an official negative COVID test. 'Fully vaccinated' can also mean 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson followed by a booster.

After 1/1/2023 the CFL definition of 'fully vaccinated' will also include the Omicron bivalent booster.

If a vaccination card does not include a booster, please do not upload it. Vaccination cards that do not include a booster will be rejected. If you/your child did not receive a booster, please upload a negative COVID test instead.

The vaccination and COVID test documents collected via the Safety Forms will be shared with the CFL verification coordinators. They may also be shared with the CFL officers. No one else will be allowed access to these documents. CFL will delete the documents after it no longer requires them for verification.

CFL member schools that run invitationals may direct their tournament participants to complete the CFL safety form. CFL will not share safety form answers with the TDs of invitationals. Instead, the TD can email the list of their tournament participants to . CFL would then reply with which of these participants are verified.

When submitting your vaccination documentation, please use the PDF format, as the least likely to be inaccessible to our verification coordinators. If you have a different format, you can export it as PDF as below:

If you are having trouble exporting as PDF, you can instead paste the screenshot of your vaccination documentation into a Google Doc, then download it as a PDF, as follows: