1) Please make checks payable to:

Coast Forensic League

2) Please mail the checks to:

CFL Treasurer

1346 The Alameda Ste. 7 No 294

San Jose, CA 95126

3) Checks only. Cash payments will not be accepted.

4) If the school name is not obvious from the check, write it in the memo.

5) Alternatively, you can pay online using PayPal. Enter you amount you wish to pay under 'Price per item' after clicking the 'Pay Now' button. CFL absorbs the PayPal transaction fees, so please use checks for amounts over $1000.

Keep in mind that invoices are not finalized until the tournament is over, so check back after the tournament to ensure that you're paying the correct invoice.

For a past tournament, log in to your account, then click on the tournament name and click on 'Results'

6) These memo instructions apply to both check payments and PayPal payments:

- If the payment is intended to increase your school's overall CFL balance rather than being a full payment for one specific tournament invoice, the memo should say

  • tournament fees 2021-2022

- If the payment is intended to correspond to one specific tournament invoice, include the date of the tournament in the DD/MM/YY format and the tournament type. The tournament types are:

  • speech

  • debate

  • congress

- Examples of acceptable memos:

  • tournament fees 2021-2022

  • Westmont. tournament fees 2021-2022

  • 10/15/2021 speech

  • Presentation. 3/5-6/2022 debate

7) Statements

Statements list all tournaments a school is charged for and all payments credited to that school. It will then show the overall amount still owed and list the due date.

Statements can be downloaded from this folder in the CFL Google Drive.

You can also generate your own statement using the CFL Statement Generator. Select your school from the dropdown menu in cell D6 (under "Billed to") to generate the statement. Then click File → Download → PDF document. Note that to use the generator, you have to be logged in to a gmail account that is part of the CFL Coaches google group.

8) CFL issues three kinds of invoices:

Membership Dues

See the Membership page.

Late Payment Fine

The late payment fine is $57 per missed statement. It is also $57 for membership dues received after October 1.

You can download and fill out your own Late Payment Fine invoice here.

Tournament Invoices

These invoices will show how much each school owes for a given tournament.

Tournament invoices can be downloaded from this folder in the CFL Google Drive. Each PDF is for a different tournament. Schools are listed in the PDF in alphabetical order.

Tournament invoices can also be downloaded from For an upcoming tournament, log in to your account, then click on the tournament name and click on 'Fees'

9) Tournament invoices are unofficially available on earlier, but are officially sent out at the same time as the statements. Statement balances are due within 30 days of receipt (see Article XII, Section 4B). Note that this is the day that payment must be received, not just postmarked. If takes longer than 30 days for your school bank to issue payment, the Treasurer will waive the late payment fine so long as you submit proof that you submitted a payment request to your school bank within 15 days of receiving the statement (see Article XII, Section 4D). The proof would consist of a scan of your school's payment request paperwork and should be emailed to prior to the 30-day deadline.

10) CFL does not require schools to wait for an invoice to pay. Unless precluded from doing so by their school bank, schools are encouraged to send CFL a lump sum of money at the start of the season, then draw down their balance as the season progresses. Any money left over at the end of the season will roll over to next season, unless the school requests that it be refunded as a check.