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Payment by Check

Paid to: 

Coast Forensic League

Mail to:

CFL Treasurer
1346 The Alameda Ste. 7 No 294
San Jose, CA 95126

Checks only. Cash payments will not be accepted.

If the school name is not obvious from the check, write it in the memo.

Online Payment

Enter the amount you wish to pay under 'Price per item' after clicking the 'Pay Now' button. CFL absorbs the PayPal transaction fees, so please use checks for amounts over $1000.

Tournament Invoices

Tournament invoices can be downloaded from

Invoices are not finalized until the tournament is over, so check back after the tournament to ensure that you're paying the correct invoice.

For a past tournament, log in to your account, then click on the tournament name and click on 'Results'

Other Invoices


A statement lists all tournaments a school is charged for and all payments credited to that school. It then shows the overall amount still owed and states the due date.

Statements will be emailed out by the CFL Treasurer to everyone in the CFL Coaches google group.

You can also generate your own statement using the CFL Statement Generator. Select your school from the dropdown menu in cell F5 (under "Billed to") to generate the statement. In cell A5 you can specify how far back you want the statement to go. Then click File → Download → PDF document. Note that to use the generator, you have to be logged in to a gmail account that is part of the CFL Coaches google group.

Tournament invoices are hyperlinked in Column A under Itemized Purchases. Schools are listed in the invoices PDF in alphabetical order - scroll down to find your school.


Statement balances are due within 30 days of receipt (see XII.4.B). Note that this is the day that payment must be received, not just postmarked.

If takes longer than 30 days for your school bank to issue payment, the Treasurer will waive the late payment fine so long as you submit proof that you submitted a payment request to your school bank within 15 days of receiving the statement (see XII.4.D). The proof would consist of a scan of your school's payment request paperwork and should be emailed to prior to the 30-day deadline.


2023 W-9

Single Invoicing

Some schools require that each payment correspond to a specific tournament invoice. For example, if a school owes $100 for Tournament A and $50 for Tournament B, it will issue a $100 payment and a $50 payment.

If this is your school, you should not wait for a statement from CFL before issuing a payment. Instead, immediately after each tournament, you should download the invoice for that tournament directly from Tabroom and issue a payment for the amount specified in the invoice.

To ensure that CFL statements match up your payments with your invoices, please include the tournament date and/or the invoice # in the payment memo.

Consolidated Invoicing

Other schools do not require each payment to correspond to a specific tournament invoice. For example, if a school owes $100 for Tournament A and $50 for Tournament B, it will issue a single $150 payment. It may also issue an $80 payment and a $70 payment - or any other combination that covers its overall $150 balance. This is the default way CFL tracks payments.

If this is your school, we encourage you to send CFL a lump sum of money at the start of the season, then draw down your balance as the season progresses. This will reduce the risk that you miss a payment deadline. Any money left over at the end of the season will roll over to next season, unless the school requests that it be refunded as a check.

But if you prefer to pay after the fact, you can use CFL Statement Generator to keep track of your balance owed.