Welcome to the official website of Coast Forensic League, an organization devoted to high school speech and debate.

CFL is an affiliate of the California High School Speech Association in San Mateo, Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties.

To be eligible to attend CFL tournaments, your school should join the league.

To see a list of schools that are currently eligible, see the CFL Eligibility Summary. Please check "Column F" to see if your school is eligible for League Tournaments.

Meetings of Members

All member school head coaches and assistant coaches are invited to attend our Meetings of Members. The meetings are held 5 - 7:30PM, typically over Zoom. Details are emailed out to all members of the CFL coaches Google group.

Drafts of proposals to amend the League Rules are due to coast.forensic.league@gmail.com 14 days prior to the meeting.

Contact Us

Treasurer: coast.forensic.league+treasurer@gmail.com

VP of Speech: coast.forensic.league+speech@gmail.com

VP of Debate: coast.forensic.league+debate@gmail.com

VP of Congress: coast.forensic.league+congress@gmail.com